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That’s Knot Whet Eye Sad: The Sprains of Spring

The Green Study

The Green Study will be returning on June 1st, 2015.

canstockphoto15476528After severely spraining one wrist and slightly spraining the other while hauling large bags of garden soil, weeding and tilling, typing has become a rather painful enterprise. Mentally, I need to recharge. Physically, my body needs to go into the shop for a complete overhaul and some after-market upgrades.

With that in mind, I’m taking time off to rest and yell at my computer while training the speech recognition software. I love workarounds and learning how to work differently. Adaptability is a good skill to hone. However, my speech recognition software does not feel the shame same. Some serious housebreaking is in odor order.

I wish you a lovely continuation of spring and if bizarre, error-laden comments show up on your blogs, blame it on my software not understanding when I say shit “Shift”.

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